We are a swim company who does things differently. We in house create and make our own prints in never before seen styles. We cater to both women and men[Coming Soon] because inclusivity has no gender. , because our founders have a difference in age we hope to close that gap by creating together. We create for the students fresh out of college as well as the middle age women and men [Coming soon] whose focusing on being their bold- confident selves. Our style evoke boldness, confidence which surely give any one in it an ego boost. Being that both of our founders are water signs we love the idea of love and cater to couples as well for their next bae-cation, honeymoon or whatever tropical destination floats their boat.


Our mission is to create distinct custom swimwear for the bold, confident, and adventurous women & men [Coming Soon] who are ready to make a statement no matter where they are. We take great pride in everything we do, from the very start of our production to the moment it leaves our hands onto yours. Every handcraft piece embodies the ambiance of Eau Noir Swim and our handmade work. Our hopes are that one day our products will be spread throughout the world to be enjoyed and worn by many. We launched June 2019. Our swim pieces are available on our online store at www.eaunoirswim.com


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